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Black Lion Statues exclusive items

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Recently watched a video by a guy who likes to eat potatoes made out of wood. This guy mentioned how he would prefer to have p2win mechanics in the gem store rather than cosmetics. He was insane, of course, but that doesn't matter. Point is, seems that a lot of people thought that the gem store undermines their in-game cosmetics and wanted to have the option to unlock said items after some delay in-game. Personally, I think the gem store is absolutely fine the way it is(except mount skins), but it led me to think what I want.


You know what I want? I want the option to reliably unlock those super cool looking cosmetics bought with black lion statues after certain period of time has passed. Come on, 60 statues for a single item available for a limited time? Be reasonable! If the unlock is through achievements or through gem store, I don't care. This will allow the devs to retain their revenue and add something cool for the players. Win-win?

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