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How to work with sword power weaver in open world solo PvE?


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Hey all, I'm quite new to the game but I've been learning pretty quickly, and am having an absolute blast playing elementalist. I love the feeling of adapting to situations with different elements + skill chains. I realize it's not the "best" class right now but I enjoy the class enough not to mind.


I levelled to 80 with dagger + dagger elementalist before switching to a power sword + dagger elementalist. I'm doing champions and minibosses much faster now, but am having a lot of trouble against groups. Against single enemies, I can leverage dodges + arcane shield + twist of fate to avoid attacks altogether, so even in more difficult HoT content I've been managing.


When I have to deal with multiple however (esp. the ranged dart frogs in Verdant Brink), I just get overwhelmed; I don't really have big AoE or the ability to jump around a lot (like on dagger + dagger) to split up enemies. I also find earth attunement Glyph of Storms to be much harder to open with (since opening in main hand earth attunement is a bit awkward). I also no longer have my offhand dagger's water attunement cleanse / earth attunement CC on demand anymore, which makes life a lot harder.


I try to cycle through air -> fire + air -> fire, which is amazing single target damage, but I end up needing to dodge constantly while frequently switching to water + earth to avoid dying, at which point I kill things slower than dagger + dagger.


I'm assuming I'm missing things here... is there some mechanic or technique I don't know of that I should be using?

Thanks in advance people!


My current build:

- Sword + dagger, mix of berserker / marauder + vampirism runes (planning to switch to scholar once I get more marauder pieces).
- Arcane shield, twist of fate, primordial stance, summon elemental.
- Air + water + weaver specializations.

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I think you're having a hard time because you're missing Protection application in your current setup, since you're not running Arcane Traitline,  try to run Glyphs with Inscription (casting them on earth att) or Armor of Earth cantrip, it sure will help with your sustain. Protection makes a huge difference against power damage that you can't avoid.

If you're struggling with conditions, you'll also need a better access to cleanses. You're running Water traitline, which means you can get  lots of cleansings by running Cleansing Water alongside  Woven Stride and  Swift Revenge ( Zephyr's Boon also sinergizes, if you're willing to generate your auras leaping through your fire fields)

Master's FortitudeBolstered Elements and Invigorating Strikes can help with you sustain as well, the extra barrier is super helpful to mitigate some damage, take your time to try them out. 

Other than that, you don't want to split up enemies when AoEing with sword, you can usually melt everything down as long as the enemies are grouped together. You'll have a harder time fighting separated enemies since Sword's attack range is quite limited.

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Don't forget using the environment to funnel ranged mobs into tight packs, this works for every class in almost every game, but for some strange reason, most people playing MMO games these days don't seem to do this at all.


Anything that breaks line of sight works, you also can cheese most ranged mobs around obstacles so they stop attacking and will chase you around as well, it's hilarious and makes some really difficult encounters very easy 😄

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7 hours ago, Linken.6345 said:

Due to you copy pasting this text from somewere else OP it cant be read at all in dark mode.


To fix this edit post cut and paste everything again but click the post as plain text instead button.



Should be fixed now, my bad.


Also, thanks everyone!

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