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Black Lion Chest Exclusives Research - Beta Data event

Hot Sauce.2867

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Do you like research? (or seeing infographic results about research)
Do you want to know more about drop rates for the Black Lion Chest and the Keys that we purchase/earn to open them with?
Do you enjoy getting paid for easy tasks that contribute to a greater good?

If yes, we've got an event for you!  During the last beta some friends and I hosted an event for tracking drop rates of the Exclusives from the Black Lion Chests.  We recently finished analyzing the results of that data and posted our findings to Reddit.  But after that event, we determined that we likely need more data to 1) validate the findings from the previous event against a new set of drops from the black lion chest, and 2) gain some insight into how the new Vintage chest affects the drop rates within its rarity tier.


Prizes for participation include a raffle for 1 or more legendary weapons (1 + entries / 100),  Precursors, Black Lion Weapon Skins (Magical/Desert King), and on top of the raffle, we are paying per key as well as a flat rate for meeting the requirements for the raffle.

So this is a bit last minute and I'm bringing this here on a whim, but the most important thing to do BEFORE creating your first beta character tomorrow put 100 Black Lion Chests into your bank.  All other information for how to participate & enter the beta can be found in our Reddit post as well as our FAQ for the event: https://old.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/qyde8f/community_event_blc_beta_data_2_collaboration_and/

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