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Mechanist just feels bad?


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So power changes have made the damage terrible. The removal of mech skills makes the mech feel lifeless. Attaching the mech punch to mace 3 makes the mace mandatory, on a class that can't even weapon swap. Without toolbelt skills a lot of utility is lost and signets have to be overloaded to make up for this. Because some signets are now too overloaded on the passive side you're seriously punished for ever using the active ability. Some mechanist traits simply make no sense, like the mech gaining explosive traits, but not being able to crit, and so it can't use those traits anyway...


I know some of these things were issues last beta, but this time we don't have the good damage to make up for it. Now the mechanist just feels broken in an entirely unfun way. The last beta I spent days having a blast and I was pretty sad to go back to my regular engineer. This beta after a just few hours of mechanist I'm glad to get back to my holosmith. Is anyone else feeling this way?

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32 minutes ago, Adrianna.3092 said:

um...one of the traits gives the mech your precision... which is why they removed all of its base precision cus having base precision + your precision was too much giving your mech essentially 100% critchance before...but now that trait is mandatory for crit builds...

The trait is bugged out. It shows your pet with precision when you view its stats but if you just have it attacking a golem in the test area you'll notice no matter what it only crits around 1 in 13 hits and if you give it fury it only crits roughly 1/4 of the time meaning the crit chance is only 5% base + 20% from fury. If you don't give it fury it feels like it never crits.

I should mention the precision you gain from the mass distributor does show on the stat page of the golem to be affecting it but in practice it's as if it's not affecting it.

Also the beam on the ult skill is a really good test as well since it is 5 ticks you'll notice that out of those 5 ticks you usually only get 1 crit tick.

On top of all these issues the % damage/boon/condition bonuses of runes and sigils don't apply to the bot.

LIke if you're running say rune of strength with a sigil of strength. The +% might duration doesn't apply to your bot due to it not being straight concentration and the +5% damage from the 6 set only applies to the engineer themselves and the sigil of strength only procs on the engineers crits and not the mechs.


The other thing they changed was the double dipping that was happening with might how you would get might and a portion of the power/condi you got from that might would go to your mech while your mech was also getting might which ended up with the power scaling being way high.


Honestly they hit with a multi pronged nerf that ended up yeeting the power off a cliff without really compensating the engineer themselves... Going from .6 to .8 scaling on the mace no.1 was a nice little buff but if they really wanted to fix it they should have linked jade siphon to no.4 and rocket fist to no.3 not just the mace but the slot itself so you can use other weapons.


Honestly the way it stands now I don't think we're going to see much change between now and launch and honestly I feel like this will be the 3rd expansion in a row where engineer gets released in a sorry state that doesn't get fixed till quiet awhile after launch.

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