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New legendary amulet and the weapons of the Scion

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EDIT: you know what? Ignore the below, I just got the amulet and the effect is just beautiful (better than in videos I've seen!) and I'm so happy that we don't get another ball flying around 😂 thanks Anet! 


Hi Anet! 

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for the legendary amulet, I am so grateful I could spare myself from farming PvP to get it. 

I like the rainbow aura but I feel as it is Aurene themed an aura that looks like the bling effect on the weapons of the scion would have been much more appropriate!! 

I mean seriously that effect is the most good looking visual effect I have ever seen *_*

I imagine it like the aura on the Aurene outfit which is like leyline effect plus the bling from the Scion weapons 😍😍😍

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