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Explosive temper or aim assisted rocket on mechanist?


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So far from what I've seen the mech can only really maintain like 4-5 stacks of explosive temper as where aim assisted rocket will just proc for free damage whenever it crits. Also what weapon would you use for a power build? Mace just feels.. weird. Rocketfist/Rocketpunch prototype don't seem to have the greatest of damage, so if you end up taking aim assisted rocket you could benefit from it yourself since it's cooldown for you and your mech are separate and one of those alone does basically the same damage as rocket punch, but 3x as often.

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It seems that the mecha still "double dips" into explosive temper. Your own explosive temper stacks will increase the ferocity of your mech currently.

Could very well be that this will get changed as well (they did it with might), but currently even if the mech just keeps up 4-5 stacks from explosive temper, if you use a power setup and maintain 10 stacks yourself, then your mech still ends up with 280-300 bonus ferocity because of this double dipping.

Which I personally think is more valuable than the rocket damage, especially since the mech is making traits like aim assisted rocket or static discharge WORSE. They are now fired from your mech and are using your mechs stats and with this iteration, your mech has terribly low power.... Don't fall for aim assisted rocket or static discharge, it is a gimmick that they are fired from your mech but this makes the traits worse than on core engi, making them noob traps.

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