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[NA] Chariot of Fire [FIRE] Christian based PvX on SoR


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Welcome to FIRE Gaming's GW2 Recruiting, (Updated info: 8/24/2022)

We are a Family-Friendly Christian Gaming Community that has been a part of GW2 since the beginning. We have gone through several changes over the years (as God leads us through change), but our WvW has been an icon of who we are in GW2. We are hoping to find new players who are looking for a Christian Community to connect with and play with. We focus a lot on WvW, but now we do have two officers who lead PvE events. So if you we want to come help be a part of that community, join us!
Check out our website for more info: https://firegaming.org/

What does it mean to be a Christian Guild?
1) We are Bible believing Christians
2) Family First- Whether you are the Leader or a member
3) Our character, our words, and actions should reflect Biblical Principles
4) We are gamers, so we just want to game with people whether they are like-minded or not

WvW: We work with other SoR Commanders and Allies for Reset and throughout the week. We do our best to do comp while even testing out builds to better ourselves. We are looking for experience players or people who want to learn WvW. We have 2 steady Commanders who understand the WvW world and are willing to learn to grow ourselves. We are not looking for anything specific in professions just a player who is willing to run with us and rep us on the field. We do work with another Christian Guild, and work with many other guilds in SoR server. 

Times we officially run as FIRE: Reset on Fridays led by Odid and Saturday Nights @9pm EDT by Seansolo

Other nights: We will run with other Christian Leaders or we will randomly Havoc around as we have the time. (If we get more players we may make another official day)

PvE: Our PvE side of the guild has grown a lot in the past several months. We have 2 PvE Officers who put the effort to help create a solid PvE environment. If you are looking for that side of Guild Wars 2, we do have it! Sunday afternoons is one of our bigger days, but we also find some random days to accomplish want members need for their PvE experiences.

What we would like to see for 2022 in the Guild:
1) A Stronger WvW Core of new active players and potential Commanders (if interested)
2) Players who are willing to learn WvW and builds to strengthen our core
3) People leading PvE Content: (Fractals, Storyline, and Guild Missions... etc.)

How do you apply?
We use Discord for GW2, but we use Guilded for application process - it can be done through browser -  Guilded Application

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Updates 8/24/2022
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We got 1 new person to join YAY! 
Rough Start on the Beta Alliance for NA lol... hopefully we will see things get together because we miss playing with our allies. It was nice to see FROG was able to be in the same server as ours.

Come join FIRE GAMING, a Christian Gaming Community!

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I am excited about the expansion around the corner! I am hoping we get some new players to the game that will be WOW'd by it as we all have been since 2012.

So far the Beta Alliance is neat but really needed to be clear how it worked. I am looking forward to the fixes so we can play with friends. It has been neat to meet some guilds that I have played against but never allied with like DETH.

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FIRE is an awesome guild. I've been a member since 2014. It's a great group of folks and they're a lot of fun to game with. I don't do as much GW2 anymore but they are still very active, especially in WvW. There were a lot of folks online in discord helping a member get his roller beetle the other day, so they will do some PvE from time to time. If you are tired of constant f-bombs and other profanity and are seeking a fun, family-friendly guild, you'll love FIRE! 

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10/10 would recommend. FIRE's very family friendly (which is a relief on discord that can't be over stated). They're good people too.

GW2 has been my Go-To MMO for a very long time for the story, the gameplay, and admittedly the fashion, off and on since near the beginning. A little over a year ago, when i picked it back up and found my old guild gutted, I found FIRE while looking for a Christian guild and haven't looked back.

Very welcoming and helped me get back on the WvW train with comp builds galore. They're fun to play with in WvW with regularly scheduled outings, complete with a couple of excellent commanders who really know their stuff! Great at PvE too, though not as scheduled as WvW. Yet? Anywho, FIRE's a good time with good people. If the setting sounds good, give FIRE a try!

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Well with Christmas around the Corner, I wanted to wish all who read this MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This year we did a little fun activity where members had to find Wintersday spots to take pictures of their characters for a contest! It went super well, and tomorrow we announce a winner! We are providing 1st place with the choice of a Dye or a Weapon Skin!

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The Contest went well! they did a great job on the pictures!

1st place went to Grace 

2nd place went to Tungsten

I wanted to invite anyone who is interested in joining a Christian Guild, as you can see in our Recruiting message. We are hoping to find old or new players in GW2. We do focus a lot in WvW, but if you like PvE... you are welcome to join us! I hope your Happy New Year into 2022 is a huge blessing!

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On 3/18/2022 at 2:00 PM, ElectRic Raikou.8349 said:

Hello! Do you have any wvw presence in NA mornings?

Hi ElectRic,

We do not, sometimes people are on randomly during the day, but mostly we Run in the Evenings. We run with Salt of Earth [Salt] or we lead, but both guilds are evening runners. Sorry

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We have been creating an Alliance to prepare for the WvW Alliance option that hopefully Anet will provide in the near future. How exciting right? 

I will not be a Christian Alliance if you were wondering... WvW for life!

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On 4/12/2022 at 2:14 PM, Legend of Rogue.5394 said:

Do you do WvW and in need of commanders? If so HMU Can message me on this name or my IG is "Sheldon L Cooper" spaces needed.


Def interested

As we are not in need of commanders, we have plenty of WvW Commanders in our guild and our allied Christian Guild who also has commanders. However if you are looking for a Christian Community to join then you can apply. If you are interested in Commanding then we can work with you once you are more established with the community.

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