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Prismatic Champion's Regalia question

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5 minutes ago, Excursion.9752 said:

I feel the same way.

I am not sure I would have completed them all to this point if I would have known this up front. You got me this time ANet.

true, also Idt the effect will be visual able when mixed with other infusion. specially with peerless infusion.

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11 minutes ago, Parasite.5389 said:

I'm not sure i understand the issue, Transcendence didn't have a Stacking effect with the PvE trinkets either, it was just a floating ball.

honestly i like the permanent aura effect better than balls.

the point is. legendary item most purpose is for visual.  for me i dont switch status often.  for transcendence as least i could see the ball floating.

for the Prismatic Champion's Regalia. i couldnt even see it if i mixed with other infusion. and its too similar to  Bifrost.


apart from that this is a PVE legendary trinkets why is not stacking with others?

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I agree. I wish it had a bit more of a visual effect. I like the aura and how it is not overbearing, but I would have liked it to have a drawn/combat effect like the other PvE trinkets, but not with balls. Maybe with some type of extra thing that made it feel actually legendary and unique, to differentiate from the regular infusions.

Maybe even some type of familiar that takes the spot the PvP amulet orb would take or a design similar to the flying serpent of xiquatl. 

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The visuals are toned down on this one because it doesn't take as much effort as the other legendary trinkets. This legendary is very very easy to get and therefore not really something special, something deserving of legendary status. 
The effects are fine! Go do some of the ones that actually need to be earned. 

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