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Good change to elixirs but a little work is needed

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I like the changes they made to elixirs, allowing you to throw them and deal damage to enemies and consume blight for bonuses. However the bonuses currently are as boring as the previous incarnation of elixirs. Doubling the condition duration/damage, for every elixir, is very dull. I'd like to see a specific bonus for each elixir

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I agree, the ways you can use elixirs are great now being able to both generate and dump blight stacks with them, but the actual functions of each elixir are still extremely bland.

I'll drop a couple ideas that I  had for them.

Elixir of Promise: The blight threshold causes the AoE to leave a poison field for several seconds doing additional damage and poison stacks.

Elixir of Bliss: The blight threshold still corrupts additional boons but also grants protection to you.

Elixir of Ignorance: The blight threshold causes the AoE to inflict fear

Elixir of Ambition: The blight threshold extends the duration of boons and conditions

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