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GW2TG - An automated sPvP team generator script


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Hello everyone.

I wrote a script called GW2TG for generating "balanced" teams from players based on rating and roles. It's primarily for sPvP teams but it can create teams for GvGs, raids, fractals and possibly more.

With this script, you can create randomized but still "balanced" tournament teams easily. 

How to use & detailed info: https://github.com/TaygaHoshi/GW2TeamGenerator/blob/master/README.md
Download v2.2: https://github.com/TaygaHoshi/GW2TeamGenerator/releases/download/2.2.1/GW2TG.zip

Note: I am saying "balanced" in quotes because it only takes team roles and rating into account.
Note 2: I'm also searching for programmers (preferably more experienced than me) to help me fix the code and implement new features.
Note 3: It currently has a few bugs but it's going to improve with time.

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