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Swap the gm 3 trait with gm 1 trait to make Supercond. Signet worth using (This may also help Power Builds)


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My problem is that it seems like the condition signet will never be good enough to compete with kits if we dont get the signet trait for it.

Now you (Anet) buffed the active effect of Superconducting_Signet but still none uses it bc without Mech_Core:_J-Drive you will lose the active effect.
The problem is that J-Drive is on the power traitline so the mech command with be still power based.

Mech_Core:_Jade_Dynamo on the other hand has a totally useless passive effect for condi builds. Its only worth using because you get the condi mech command. The 33% chance of explosion on mech attack only fits to 1 trait in core: Shrapnel. And the Explosions on Jade Dynamo are even power dmg based. So we have a 33% chance to make an explosion and this 33% chance has a 33% chance to inflict bleeding. Sounds not rly well. It works better with the Power traitline since the explosions on Jade Dynamo are power based.

Also Power builds have less utility skill choices without the toolbelt so power builds will use Force Signet even if they dont have the signet trait.
While For condi builds there are enough options (only kits basically) that are good enough to replace Superconducting Signet and this means that swapping the traits would not affect power builds a lot but would help condi builds a lot.
There are far more power traits interacting with explosion than condi traits.

What I basically mean by swapping:
Jade dynamo now grants Sky_Circus to the mech instead of Jade_Mortar. While J-Drive now grants Jade Mortar to the mech instead of Sky Circus.

I dont even think power builds will lose damage by this change bc they get a passive power trait by it. So I think actually both builds are affected positively by this change.

This is the current Condi Mechanist build. Shift signet got so good that it replaces 1 kit while the actual signet for condi is still not used in the condi build:


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