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Return to Dragonstorm achievement

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2 hours ago, Firthiros.6913 said:

Talk to the guy at the helicopter in Eye of the north to do the story instance of dragonstorm.

It was only able to talk to the guy and open a dragon storm story instance at the same time the public dragon storm meta starts.

I guess its because I did not replay the whole story in order and so the story was not advanced to this story step.

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Do Anet employees get a bonus for how many times they can trick someone into replaying this boring kitten meta?  3rd time though, participated and got gold in each sub event, no credit towards the Return track.

It is bad enough they force you to play it as part of your story, then again as a meta, but to not even count it when you do it over and over.

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49 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

You need only play the Story Instance for both achievements. You must make sure to complete the very last channeling 100%. 


Really sucky that they don't state that anywhere. I guess they assume that players will replay the entire chapter slowly in order then run the meta after.... which is an unlikely assumption for them to make as every previous Return set did not seem to expect you to re-run in that manner.  

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