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Specter Wells


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This post is basically an open letter to Arena Net to ask them kindly to take a serious look at the elite specialization's skill animations, in particular specter wells, while visually impressive they really need their animations culled, as in less visual clutter than a necromancer's well.


I ran a casual fractal just to test out the healing/alacrity provided by specter, and I was sorely disappointed to notice that if I wanted to support as one I would have to endure with the black spots in the ground, which is weird since chronomancer and necromancer wells are really well made, don't interfere a lot with the extra stuff going while the fight is happening and at the very least I can see when the boss removes the floor or launches a ground targeted attack.

I haven't played with someone else as a specter so far but if the animations are not at least half as annoying as when I'm playing as one I dread to think what would happen if 10 specters ran a raid.


I intentionally didn't post this in the feedback for specter because just taking a 5 second look at the recent posts they feel more like a general fight than an attempt to give feedback

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