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Help a terribad condi ranger out? :D


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So I been longing to play condi-ranger for ages (because I am bored out of my mind), and it has been very long since I last had a condi build at all. I been checking some guides all over and tried to make up my mind, but I cannot say I am actually making any progress.

The main question I am struggling with is: which stats should I go for?

The build I need right now is primarily for open world content, I am still running regular powerbeast for fracts and I am intending on setting up a WvW condi roamer once I have the time to play WvW properly again, but right now I just want something more fun while grinding out the Seasons of the Dragons achievement along with finishing up general open world content.

I have been leaning towards celestial or the "trail-blazer" (vipers trinkets with tankier armor and weapons). I just want something that is not as much of a glass canon as the traditional LB sniper powerbeast is. Any suggestions regarding stat-selections for a comfortable condition-based open-world build?

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For PvE I use this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POxAUh/lVwsYTMJ2JW+O3P/SeUKA-zRJYmRNfZEXK0RFI8FJI2DvlFl2A-e

Viper stats feel better for me but you can use Trailblazer if you want some hp over damage.

For weapons you can use axe/dagger instead of Shortbow if you prefer but on 2nd you can go axe or dagger but offhand torch has to stay.

3rd utility slot is flex slot where you can run whatever (I use vulture stance for a bit or free might and poison).

Healing skill depends of preference but I use mostly Spring since it does everything and has low CD with Trapper's.

Rotation is mostly based on throwing both traps, using your h1 weapon/s hard hitting skill and swapping to torch for skill 5 so it can be used soon after with Quick Draw. (I can write you the rotation if you want but just basics are enough to get the idea).

Pets in the build are pretty much all you need tbh.

Feel free to ask questions now.

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