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[NA] Experienced veteran LF PVX or WvW guild


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Hi! I am a long-term lover and avid player of Guild Wars 2, I’ve been a part of the in-game community for almost 8 years now.  I am looking for an active guild/community to call home. PVX or WvW focused preferred, will transfer servers that isn’t a problem. 

I am experienced in WvW as a Support Vindicator, Firebrand, and Scrapper. I’ve been heavily involved in small scale organized fight guilds previously. I am able to adapt to specific guild fighting styles and always happy to learn other builds and classes to fill your niche.


I have Discord and a mic, I love to chit chat while playing. 

When I’m not in WvW or PvP I am happily doing PvE things, a guild that does both would be fantastic but not required. 🙂


Whisper/mail me ingame KatyeKitty.1265 

or add me on Discord KatyeKitty#7805



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