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bug: credit not received for Ad Infinitum 1: Finite Result Aquatic Ruin Challenge Mote

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I recently ran into a bug where I got no credit for finishing the Aquatic Ruin Challenge mode while both of my groups had it activated. I performed this one twice yet got absolutely no credit. Can you please look into it? I ran it today at 8 AM - 8:40 AM PST (both runs). If you can also give me credit for doing them, that would be great otherwise, please just look into the bug and fix it so I can at least do it again and it will finally work.



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In the first run, I was not. I went in while they were killing the Jellyfish, but in the second one I was. I even voted for the 2nd one too. But for some odd reason I didn't get credit. The question you asked is exactly why I ran it a second time, because I thought maybe because I wasn't there while it was activated, it didn't count for me.

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