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Obligatory post on tempest from wvw chat.


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Why did tempest lose 10 target effects in wvw with out getting any powerful effects. Example of scraper losing boon clearing at a "high" rate with icd added to is trait effect by means of getting quickness on super speed and letting super speed stack in duration though its not a true boon.

Tempest has a massive lack of  "new boons" in both update for the need of having a stronger boon then the stander set of 4-5 that ele already gets. Example of boons missing that could be called "new": Alacrity (a boon given out freely to classes even to the point of allowing to be 10 target effect), Quickness (a boon given to classes to make them "viable" for content in mostly pve but often bleeds over to wvw where being able to cast spell faster is better for a pvp game of counters play), Resolution (a new basic boon that simply was passed over because ele only had one retaliation effect that was removed before the boon was reworked. Over all it would fit tempest for an support effect basic boon like it uses protection), and Stability (less of an tempest effect that is out dated but more of an core ele effect. Rock Solid was never updated well to work with the stab update it was mostly unchanged after stab stacks where an effect and it suffers a great deal for it in wvw).

There is mostly no real reason to run an tempest over an scraper or realty any other support in wvw unless your playing tempest as an non support (often being better off playing an weaver and soon cata.) There a real need to do SOMETHING with the tempest class in wvw if its not getting its 10 target effect back the only real effect it had as an class.

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