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Invulnerability Update Punishes downs

Every day pon.5386

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19 hours ago, Every day pon.5386 said:

The "No Clone" invulnerability update punishes Mesmers while we create a down as downs go invulnerable. The update makes little sense & is poorly inconsistent gameplay. I can't see a Mesmer ever justifying that update.

wait..... explain the issue? am i missing something here?

is this new?

is this with virtuoso?


so invuln target> no clone/blade stock is the only issue here? (phantasm? i can't login atm, but i'm almost 90% sure it's only phantasms, clones can still summon on invuln i thought)

sounds like it's working as intended 


hi, mesmer main here as of since the game's beta and launch, and since GW1 and an avid pvper/wvwer, and honestly, i'm100% am okay with this, it's obnoxious, but fair, every other skill that has a connection, can't connect to invuln targets, it's just a mechanic in the game

some skills completely disappear on an invuln target, where they normally wouldn't and/or pierce through them or get blocked (such as, let's say, Elementalist's Tempest skill Water Globe on Warhorn 4)

and in the context of the game, it's just simply how it's designed 


now, if we want to discuss mesmers being tied to a resource like this on all 4 specs, core/chrono/mirage/virt.... that's the real argument, and is entirely valid, and is exactly what virtuoso should have fixed


but core illusions mechanic,  i have to admit, is entirely fair game here 

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