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What do you hope the Vindicator Equipement will be like ?

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10 hours ago, Jthug.9506 said:

Hopefully the runes will give a damage modifier when above 50% health and a healing modifier when below 50% health.

They're talking about armor instead of runes, but this isn't a very good idea imo because scholar runes exist; the damage bonus would have to be even less than 5% since it's easier to be >50% HP than >90%.

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The concept art did show a set looking like a full set, so I'm not really sure.

Helmet, shoulders and gauntlets all share the horn ornaments, while either chest or pants use the same bandage and red symbol as the helmet.

My guess would have been shoes then (and would have made sense with the jumps), but they aren't at all accentualized, just like the pants, and feel more like background noise in the art.

So my final guess will be the gauntlets, as they have distinct looking blades that aren't found on the other pieces.

So there'll probably an exotic version of the set, with an enhanced ascended version of the gauntlets that have the extra blades, that are available through the vindicator-collection.

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