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Ascended light armor for all three light armor classes

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I've finished crafting light ascended armor.  I'm trying to decide on stats atm.  I was thinking Vipers with torment runes for all three light armor classes.  I mainly play Scourge but would like to use the same armor set for all three if I can.  I do have a full set of ascended celestial as well.  Thanks.

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Nightmare rune would work with both mesmer (mirage) and scourge.  It is currently the meta scourge rune at 37.4K (followed by Lich ~37K with more burst and Elementalist ~36.4K). As both alacrity staff mirage and axe mirage which is what you would run in fractals can use nightmare runes it is the better pick compared to tormenting rune which you would only use on axe mirage.

If you use viper's with elementalist runes, that works with both scourge and elementalist. However, the places you run condi elementalist will be rare unless you are a masochist : condi weaver is considered ones of the hardest things to play and in fractals (where ascended matters) there is no reward for playing elementalist over scourge.

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