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Guild Hall questions and suggestion.

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First, sorry if this belongs some where else (or asked before, tried to use search to no avail), but I don't really see a place for Guild/Guild Hall discussion.


So, I have a new guild.  We have not gotten a guild hall yet because we are really wanting the new one in EoD.  If we were to go for one of the other guild halls right now and began upgrading it, would all the upgrades (vendors, war room, etc.) transfer to the new guild hall?  Also, would we have to pay the 100 gold again to try to take the new guild hall when EoD drops?

I think it would be great if a guild could own multiple guild halls at once.  I think my entire guild would like to have all of them and be able to select which one they want to harvest from.  I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, but the one north of Verdant Brink, I have not even stepped foot in as of yet.

Thank you in advanced for your answers!


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