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I can't help but feel massively underwhelming by EoD [Merged]

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Team's fun with features in Player versus Player, in Guild versus Guild, in World versus World - these got completely forgotten. But hey, we get alliances for WvW somewhere in future.

I think I will skip playing this expansion. Some other nice games are getting released this year.

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EDIT: To all people that are thinking this is doom and gloom and I'm just stomping my feet because I didn't get what I wanted it's not. I'm just disappointed and wanted to vent. I've spent a good amou

You are not the only one that's underwhelmed on this expansion. It's refund wars 2 now.

This is kind of the problem no?   Anet have built a game way to big for them to even support, so why add more content that will develop a community for it to be dropped?

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