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Revenant Bugs with Build Templates

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Hi, since the thread from two years ago has been closed, yet the problem persists, I think it's time to start a new thread.

Switching Build Templates on my Reventant(Sylvari Male) sometimes removes all selected traitlines and legends from the Template I was switching to. Another thing I encounter very often(like once every two  weeks, while playing this char two days per week) is that my utility Skills have been "shuffled around".

Please fix this issue that is in the game since Build Templates have been introduced to the game.


Thx for your attention, have a nice day.

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It's likely that your utilities are being reset to the default order, not simply "shuffled around". This possibly is related to Revenant having fixed skills, rather than freely choosing skills like the other professions. My best advice here would be to learn to play with the default order.

Legends being de-selected happens to me sometimes, too. I don't remember losing trait lines though.


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