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[NA] (PvX) | FURY is looking for merger opportunities - Read for more info!


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Hello, I am the Guild Leader of FURY, an NA based Guild that has been very a active, positive community within GW2 for about 2 years. I am no longer able to commit as much to the game as I would like, and would hate to leave all of our members with a dead discord/guild. About half of our members have been online within the last 1 week, and about 3/4ths keep it pretty casual, but we do not run events or anything of the sort since our roster of leadership has slowly been drawn away from the game for numerous reasons. 


What I am looing for:

A guild that is up and coming, or already established to merge with, either into their or into ours.
Must have a positive, non-toxic environment and leadership
Potentially training 1-5 people to take over a 300+ member guild

Id like to keep the guild active as well as discord, so merging into the guild would be most ideal but not a deal breaker if you cant

What Fury has to offer:
Max level Guild Hall with loads of hard earned time put into it

300+ member roster which could be shortened if merging into

Discord with a wealth of  information and good functionality

A solid foundation to build from if you dont wanna spend tens of thousands of leveling a Guild Hall

And so much more, 


If you think you know someone, or are someone that would be interested, please let me know ingame by mailing to Trippletz.1963 or hitting me up on discord at TheTruth#8122 with any questions, or thoughts you have on this. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello i would love to help. My guild is much smaller. And we would love to invite your guild into our alliance. 


Our goal is to provide content for as many timeslots as possible with activities posted by all officers across the guilds of the alliance, and by doing so, we want to ideally reduce load for each guild.


Me in particular, i can guarantee you an almost daily NA morning wvw/pvp/guild hall training schedule and a 100% discord availability.


Let me know if you are interested. Mail me ingame.

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