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DX11 so far

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Hello dear people of Tyria and beyond!


After a bit of DX11 testing, here is a list of things that happened to me and that have changed/could need some attention in my opinion :)


- the color-paterns on mounts sometimes turn back to red-ish. While there's def no red in the color scheme. 

-sometimes in certain angles, my entire screen turns black for a second

-some colors/paterns turn very ugly once in a while. For example the rocks in the Fractal entrance, they sometimes turn purple-ish/blue-ish and lose all their rock-layers.

-Esa in the guild hall makes my entire game do poof. and I get no error code and have to restart GW2 entirely. This also accures when I try to check the updates on other NPC's

-some armors on other models/players lose all their colors and details and it's like they're made out of permafrost, while they're def not. And same as the rock-changes, also the armor-changes go back to normal after re-entering the map.


Most likely you've heard all these changes before... but nvertheless I'd like to write them down as well to be sure I gave a heads-up as well^^


I game on Nvidea GTX1050 and haven't noticed these things before. that's why the heads up ^^


Hope you'll all have a great gaming time and that arena-net blesses you with pretty shinies! :D 

Greetings and a roar,

Sergra Ironclaw

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