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What's the PvP spec to aquire at least some of the PvP armor in the least time?

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The PvP mode here is... well, let's put it like that: not for me. All the rest can be read on the forums:). However, so is running with the crowds doing dungeons.


BUT:  the armors ARE nicely looking. Well, some of them. So I take it, doing the PvP reward tracks takes less time than dungeons (or raids, or whatever: coming from single player games it matters little what they're called).


So what spec do I need to use to see as less of the mode as possible, while picking up some armors (not all of them, no)? And to allocate as less muscle memory as possible?

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General rule of GW2: If there are multiple ways to do/get something then WvW is the worst. If WvW is not the worst then someone probably made a mistake in their calculations.

You also don't have to run a specific dungeon to get that dungeon's weapons and armors due to the repeatable Dungeon Frequenter achievement.

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Um.. not sure if this helps... but if you run boosters you should be able to half the time, and then just run core mesmer  https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Mesmer_-_Blurring_Inspiration  .... The only reason to pick core Mesmer is cause you just head to a node and afk there while watching tv ^^... This should be the easiest method. But remember to use snowflake gobbler, for +25% boost to reward track gain, xp booster for 50% boost, and Black lion booster(costs 1 statue) to get another 25% boost.... then you can also toss a celebration booster(birthday) if you care about the extra 10% boost.... also your guild bar, gives another 10% boost... so you can make it go 120% faster then normal. 


Overall once you have your boosters set, just spam unranked with friends on offmeta weird builds that all of you find fun.   The time flys when your having fun after all!! ^^ GL and have fun out there!

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When people say pvp here they usually mean spvp short for structured pvp. 

Wvw is a diferent mode which is also player vs player but at larger scale. 

So maybe first be clear which mode you intend to play so you get relevant advice. 

I am not 100% clear which armors you are looking for. Spvp, wvw or dungeon.

If the answer is dungeon I would strongly suggest you actually try dungeons. They are super easy nowadays with exception of Arah and Aetherblade path in Twilight Arbor and I wouldnt say those are hard either.  Some dungeons are ran quite regurarly, others less but definitely check them when they are daily. There is really nothing to be afraid in dungeons nowadays, there is no hardcore crowd in there and even if you would run around naked doing nothing people probably wouldnt care. 

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