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Havent did PvP since pre PoF


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Decided to try it today after returning.


Wow. Wtf happened to PvP? Team deathmatch? So now everyone can drop all their skills on each other and do it again 2 more times? Conquest was better because it WAS team deathmatch except that you had the secondary objective (the main one) that actually won the game - rather than who played the dumbest builds. This game isn't street fighter - I'm sorry but it's just not balanced and cannot be balanced as there are too many skills and abilities. This is why conquest is better. I also don't know a kitten thing about how it works nowadays. Is conquest/deathmatch on a rotation?


This is why WvW is good - there are secondary objectives that give people other things to do and watch out for. Street fighter works as deathmatch - GW2 does not. In fact, probably no MMO does to be honest.


And deathmatch aside... the spam. The massive amounts of AOE spam. My kitten. At the start of the match? "Supply crate, ghastly breach, grav well" all dropped on you as well as 4 clones, 6 marks, wells and other AOEs littered everywhere from passive traits and other skills AND from your own team. Wtf is even happening in a fight now? Who can tell? And since this is 3 round deathmatch - repeat this garbage 2 more times?


You know what pre PoF was like? (And pre many other changes like mesmer) Things were slowed down. You could count clones - you would even kill clones. You would see a telegraphed "chilled to the bone". A non quickness reaper 5 scythe. A warrior with signet of rage to get 3 powerful boons. 3 boons aren't powerful enough nowadays - you need them all. About 50% less boon corrupts and boon generation. You would, *gasp* blast fire fields and water fields. You knew the main mesmer burst (greatsword 4/blink in greatsword 2). They lacked condi clear. No insane mobility. What in gods name is a mirage even doing during a fight? Just chaotic. No AOE randomly from doing nothing. You know spiteful spirit for necromancer used to grant 3s retaliation? Pre HoT and very early game days you could trigger this against a guardians greatsword whirling wrath - it was good. Foot in the grave also existed for 3s stability - an excellent trait. You know what spiteful spirit does now? AOE boons corrupt, damage. Does it twice is below 50% health. It used to be 3s retaliation. Oh yeah, that boon doesn't exist anymore. Flamethrower or grenade spam? Have at it! Everyone has peels and escapes now. Perma prot holo? Suuuuure why not? Warrior used to use telegraphed longbow and hammer. Berserker stance? Don't use condis on him. Now? Well actually warrior is still one of the more balanced street fighter classes. Though not as much as it once was - but compare to other classes the spam isn't so bad.


Mesmer mantras are a great example of this. I hopped on a mesmer and was all, "What? No precast to mantras now?" lol... now you can cast them instantly. Why not! Excessive evades as well on multiple classes. And many traits that increase endurance regeneration so more evade spam rather than nerfing the offensive spam. Engineer daze blind on dodge? Just lol... Firebrand is also ridiculous. The toolset that you have on that class is out of this world. Hambow warrior was probably the peak of balance for this game. Everything is just insane now.


What is this atrocity of a thing that PvP is now? Everyone has quickness too? Lol. Remember when quickness was removed from stomps because it was deemed overpowered? It wasn't btw. But it sure is now. Let's not leave auras out of this either. It's just ridiculous now. Pre PoF especially and also HoT were so much better. You only needed minor changes back then and then things would have been perfect. There is no fixing the mess that it is now man, jeese. 😞

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You still have conquest, also dropping skills on people is how conquest works only you don't have the option to run away like a scrub like in most my games because everyone is a afraid to duel or stall for awhile till support arrives. The mantra charging stuff is a nerf but i can't be bothered to explain why goto the mesmer forums you can read it there.

I have no idea how your saying PoF was slower when post feb 2020 patch that kinda calls your entire post into question cause to have that view means you either never ever played gw2 to this moment or you have some really weird way of viewing massive damage nerfs and cd nerfs and 300 second ICDs as speeding up the game...


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