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crashing waves

Noodle Ant.1605

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after theorycrafting a heal build for my f2p ele to use in t4 fractal pugs without a healer (dont ask because it doesnt really work, especially in the hands of/with inexp players), this skill came to my attention as not only does it frequently bug out, but i have no clue of what actually happens when it does work

what does the 1200 range refer to? why does it seem that i can be healed outside of the ice elementals 240 radius pbaoe (ive even teleported around in the fractal lobby and it can still apparently can heal me from >1200 range)? does this ranged healing affect allies as well, or is it the summoner only? i dont think ive ever seen the skill healing 7k to everyone in a spaced-out party, but then i do know the skill only affect 5 allies, 1 of which is the elemental itself. why does the skill even bug out randomly in the first place?

if you know anything more about this skill, please share

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i did some testing and apparently there are two pbaoes that occur, a knockback pbaoe around the elemental and an invisible healing pbaoe (same radius) around the elementalist. there doesnt seem to be any distance requirement from the elemental for the healing pbaoe to occur, it happens as long as the ice elemental doesnt bug out and successfully completes the skill. i would assume the cleanse also comes from the healing pbaoe rather than the knockback but i havent checked that out yet

this also means that the ice elemental doesnt actually heal itself unless the elementalist is standing within 240 range and the 5 allies cap isnt already hogged by a party of 5 people

still have no idea what causes the skill to bug out, though i would assume its something to do with the inbuilt “attack target”/“come to me” pet commands

6 hours ago, Zhaid Zhem.6508 said:

I wonder what traitlanes you can take without tempest and tempest's auras spam; or even weaver without weaveself, aqua stance etc. 😶


allow me to introduce you to frostbow 1 spam…

(theres a reason why i said dont ask)

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