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Retaliation is unavailable or not?

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The game update notes of May 11, 2021 state the following:


The retaliation boon has long been a pain point, both in PvE and PvP. It's not particularly impactful to use, and it's never fun to play against. We have replaced it with a new boon, resolution, which complements the existing protection boon by reducing incoming damage from conditions (bleeding, poisoned, burning, torment, and confusion) by 33%. Many current traits and skills use retaliation in some way, or to added effect; those traits aren't going away! Generally, they've been updated to use the new resolution boon. As always, the detailed patch notes below will tell you exactly what's happening for each profession.

The Mordrem Wolves from the event: Stop Mordrem from spreading corrupted tendrils in the Iron Marches - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) still have this boon in the first and second phase when you fight them (the wolves in Objective 1 and Objective 2).

I think it has been removed from mostly all enemies otherwise so why not from this event as well?

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