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Legendary Weapons - Sunrise II - The perfected daysword collection bug

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I've been trying to craft Dawn on my path to craft Legendary weapon and basically got scammed by NPC. I'm at the point where I've completed Basic Mithril Daysword Requisiton and NPC (Master Weaponsmith) asked me to deliver him 250 "Mithril greatsword hilts" (for Mithril Daysword Hilt Requisition) and 250 "Mithril greatsword blades" (for Mithril Daysword Blade Requisition).


Before doing these parts of collection, I had crafted 510 hilts and 510 blades of which 250 of each were spent for Basic Mithril Greatswords (Basic Mithril Daysword Requisiton). At the next step, NPC asked me for 250 hilts and 250 blades.

I've given him the hilts and I was given "Mithril Daysword Hilt Requisition" and dialogue progressed to new requirement for "Balanced Daysword Hilt". But the same didn't happen for blades as the game did not register the fact that I've delivered requested items to the NPC.


After giving 250 blades to NPC through dialogue option I was not given the "Mithril Daysword Blade Requisition" collection item but blades were removed from my inventory. Returning to npc and selecting dialogue options "I'm working on crafting Sunrise." -> "Mithril greatsword blades requisition" gives response that NPC still demands 250 blades to be delivered. This time there is no option to give blades (as they are no longer present in my inventory) and only two dialogue options remain. "I'll work on that" / "Show me what else I need to do."


It effectively blocks my progress and I hope I can get these items restored. Though I'm unsure whether I should post it only here or open a ticket on support page as well. Didn't expect to run into such a bug in legendary weapon crafting process.


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