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What I Originally Though WB Flames Would Be Like


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Originally, I thought Willbender flames were going to be an effect that got placed on the enemy dealing DOT based on power damage, similar to Binding Blade.

This had me very excited because the old DOT output on core medi gave it two different play styles to deal with different types of threats and was very fun to play. Alas, this is not so. 

Did anyone else think this?

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The flames act like symbols in form of lines, except much worse.  They do negligible damage, has zero effect unless you traits it certain ways (aka the effects aint free or innate, you gotta sacrifice a trait to get something). They are lines, so therefore anything that can move will easily move out of the way. The activation for all 3 are super clunky, easy to miss. F2's flame isn't gona hit anyone because it occurs BEHIND you.   It is just a very underwhelming profession mechanic with no purposes, identity or practicality.  Yeh, you will do some damage to prop bosses, but it makes you wonder if they realize we actually play the games for other modes than just running world prop bosses.  My expectation for the class is below rock bottom. tbh.   And the elite skill... oh god, the elite skill.  See the thread specific for that elite skill.  

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