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2g Fractal Weekly


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I agree in general fractals do not feel rewarding to especially compared to raids. Im not the average player tho I think fractals has allot to offer newer players and offers some good challenge if you do CMs with random pugs. However, once you have legendary armor and trinkets done all the ascended chests become more or less worthless along with ring and trinket drops. So once you are done with the fractal weapon skins (which most done even use) it really doesnt offer much in the way of loot worth the effort. I know someone will say its good gold. I would say its ok/average gold compared to other pve things u can do, but fractals is less consistent and less predictable than many modes due to instabilities. I think it could use some serious revamp of the reward system and in general I think Anet will need to add some new merchants to allow people who have no use for ascended a way to exchange them for something or as people progress to the point of being done w legendary armor, etc they will not have much rewards to motivate them to repeat this type of content.


I think it would be wise of Anet to spend a little time improving rewards for those of us in this situation as opposed to trying to keep releases of new content to keep us all entertained, cause we all go through content way faster than anyone could realistically develop it. Just my 2cp. A better weekly reward would also help so yes I agree with OP.

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22 minutes ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

FotM give large amounts of gold for doing the dailies, even more if you have any of the Fractal God titles. Would I complain about more gold? No.

Not saying its horrible. Im saying its not good enough to make me bother doing fractals most weeks on my real account. If anything I usually do runs on an alt account that benefits from the ascended drops because otherwise it just never feels rewarding. Granted I dont farm gold per say and don't enjoy doing content for gold. That said, other rewards or collecting other currency to get things I might otherwise buy with gold are somehow more fun to chase to me than just flat farming of gold. I mean lets face it the best gold per hour is not playing and buying gem cards w real $ to convert to gold. So the very idea of gold farming to me seems kinda miss-guided. Rather, I tend to play the content that gives me the most enjoyment + some kinda chance at loot or currency I do want, much of which ends up being skins or titles.


Side note on Fractal God/Goddess though: I stopped doing that grind after getting Fractal Savant. TBH I didnt really find that to feel worth it and would be happy to take a refund on savant. I guess its worth it in the long run if you actually want to prioritize doing T4 + CM every day or what ever. It just felt very similar to building ones home instance or guild hall in which you will probably never get back what you invested and once you consider time spent it seems like a huge mistake to head to down that path which is why I regret getting Fractal savant. I do feel like the Omnipot and MPs are well worth it though. Also I have many friends that have Fractal God who love grinding fractals every day. I just personally really have a hard time understanding why. I never liked farming 42 and such either.

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Fractals provide more liquid gold than raids do typically unless you are in a speedclear group for raids; there's no daily raid achievement either. 10 people is far harder to get together than 5 , it' s just the nature of it. Not to mention even if you repeat fractals more than once per day you don't get some garbage unids , encryptions still sell for 19 silvers or so and that is on top of any loot drops and expected value from opening is around 46 silver if keys are dropped ; 26s if you use deeply discounted keys. Raids are rewarded on a weekly basis and success rates for some of the more difficult ones still are not even half.

See https://fast.farming-community.eu/instances/raids , where average profit per wing is around 10-12g total and https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/raid
You'll note that the people uploading logs are on average more experienced (similar to how people on gw2efficiency would on average have more "stuff") so it is skewed as a higher success already.

The raid achievement is for challenge mode raids by the way. There really isn't any bonus to doing CM other than the weekly achievement once you have beat it before. That's precisely why it was added.

edit: the point of the Fractal weekly achievement is obviously more potions for people who don't have omnipot as well as more fractal research pages.

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15 hours ago, jojorne.2175 said:

What do you think Anet had in mind when they made the Fractal Weekly achieves?

1. The weekly achievement is not where the gold is in fractals, you get gold from encryptions primarily.
2. The weekly chest was made probably to entice higher fractal level players into doing a few extra lower tier fractals each week (for extra potions/relics) 
3. The weekly chests I think were added a bit after they made ascended armor purchasable with research pages and relics iirc, so they probably wanted to add another source of them at the time.

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