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Angry Snowman Tonics aren't valuable. Please get rid of the destroy confirmation window.


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The Wintersday gifts contain a number of tonics that can be used to have some fun ingame. These are Festive Golem Tonic, Snowman Tonic, Reindeer Tonic and Angry Snowman Tonic. Getting rid of these items is puzzlingly difficult though: They aren't worth anything, you cannot sell them to a vendor and in practise can't list them on the TP either because no one is buying them, not even for 1c. And yet, when you try to destroy these (most of the time) useless items, the game asks to type in the name of the item.

My simple question is




To repeat, they aren't worth anything, there isn't anything valuable from any point of view lost if one accidentally destroys one of these items. The destroy confirmation window serves only as an incredible annoyance that one might encounter even weekly throughout the year if one opens the gifts from the home instance gift tree. Please get rid of the pup-ups to improve the quality of life of the players, or let us sell these tonics to vendors. Thank you.





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The need to confirm to destroy is entirely inconsistent.  I believe I have gotten some 'this item is only useful as part of a collection' that needs a confirmation on destroy.  Why?  The description says it is useless.

I'd personally just like all items to have a minimum 1c sell value, so easier to get rid of them.  Sure, it adds a little gold into the economy, but it can't be much.


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Yeah. Solvar is right - it is inconsistend. You might be able to salvage some rare stuff without promt. (They even changed now that some infusions drop directly.) While crappy stuff has a confirmation promt. You even get the confirmation promt for just some skin items - that are rare ... but already auto unlock the skin on acquire. (The loss basically is just 1 transumtation charege that you'd need later instead of using the skin directly.)

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