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EU player LF PvE/raid training guild


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Hi all!


I'm an EU player (located on Fissure of Woe server, if that matters) looking to try raids out.  Sadly, due to some real-life commitments, the only timings I can make for raid trainings are on the weekends - specifically Saturday mornings/early afternoons or after 9.30pm CET time, and Sunday afternoons. 


I only have reaper/scourge geared for now and have no plans for now to gear up another class (maybe once I feel like I have a better understanding of how to play the easiest class in the game 🙂), but am doing fractal CMs regularly which might give a bit of an idea of where I'm currently in in terms of progression.


I understand these are really tough timings and not a lot of info to go by - so feel free to ping me in-game or reach out to me via Discord (Jushi #7953). Thanks!   

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