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Item inadvertently deleted, support doesn't help - Your request (8453082:32)

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Let me explain: last week I made a lvl 20 Asura woman character to get a weekly key (Black Lion Chest Key)

After getting the key, I delete the character until next week, when I recreate

But today I went to my level 20 to get the key of the week and I can't find the two 32-slost bags

I realize that I ended up erasing the two bags together with the lvl 20 character


Which bags were losing?
One 32-Slot Hero's Trusty Backpack (Seasons of the Dragons reward)


and one Reinforced Boreal Trunk (made via craft)


Ae I thought about getting in touch with the support to recover these two bags, it's simple, isn't it?

NO, the support was polite and irreducible in being able to recover the two lost bags


Saying that you can't see the loss of the bag or any lost item


"It is not possible for the Guild Wars 2 Support Team to replace such an item without an independent verification of its loss and the circumstances surrounding a loss incident."


Now the situation gets worse:
Even mentioning that one of the bags is 32-Slot Hero's Trusty Backpack a Seasons of the Dragons reward bag that is 100% complete in the achievement panel and I have in my characters the legendary Amulet Prismatic Champion's Regalia final reward


The support cannot know if the bag was in the deleted character or not, ok. Even though you can see that the bag(s) no longer exist in the account (bank and players) refusing to restore the item




"Occasionally, we are unable to replace items, and that is true in the case of the item or items that you have requested. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify that the character in question had the bags on them when deleted."



If I have the final (Amulet Prismatic Champion's Regalia) reward, where is the initial reward?
Support doesn't know, I know, it was deleted inadvertently


I'm not even talking about the bag that was crafted anymore, but the reward bag should exist in the account, since the meta achievements have been completed.

I am considering the items as lost, but I wonder: What happened to GW2 support?!
I don't know what's going on, but the support has been much better!!!


PS: If you wonder about independent verification?
Well, I made the request for an independent verification and the support changed the subject 🙂


I don't know it was just me this behavior of support in not helping.

So it's a warning Pay attention to what you delete





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55 minutes ago, Linken.6345 said:

Why would you use 2 32 slot bags on a key runner the 20 slot starter bag and 2 4 slot bags you get while leveling is enough for the few gear things you get while playing to get key.

I used to stick to this, but since using my key farmer for low level bag opening as well I bought the 18 slot wvw bags to use on them. But even if I accidentally delete them it's just 6g and a handful of badges of honor.

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On 12/15/2021 at 7:05 AM, Cyninja.2954 said:

You can try asking for the character to get restored. You might need a free character slot available for this.

I asked the question, and it was 100% ignored by support

On 12/15/2021 at 7:25 AM, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

You can not try asking for a Character Restore, as that's not a service provided, anymore.

Yeah, ever since NCSoft, again, took over publishing a couple/few years ago, the policies have changed.

Be very careful with your items/account. 

As it was, support did not give an option, and the ticket was closed

Not even proving that the "unique item" bag that can't be duplicated or hidden (rewards Seasons of the Dragons) no longer exists

Support was limited to saying that the proof that the bag no longer exists, it's not in the logs, so it can't do anything

How can the Arena not verify that a reward item no longer exists in a player's account?!

There's only one explanation, she doesn't want it!
If a site like gw2efficiency can check items and so on, Arena can do better, I'm 100% sure

Frustrating and disappointing the help that the GW2 support gave 

100% lack of interest in solving a simple missing item problem, something ArenaNET could solve in another 10,000 ways and not disappoint the customer.

Now I know that if I need support I won't have it 

GM Zippy the Wonder Squirrel  did the least bit to help the problem, he just kept copying and pasting ready-made answers, something that could have been done very well by a machine!

This was my worst gaming support experience! Practically the same as talking to a machine

Again: ArenaNET I am frustrated and disappointing with their support/customer service

------------- // --------------

My ticket was reopened by ArenaNET and I could finally prove that I had the two 32-slot bags

thanks everyone

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