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Predictions/Wishlist for Superior Specter Runes?


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Its most likely going to have something to do with torment, wells, healing and/or HP because that's what most of the spec is. If the 6th effect was +10% HP and outgoing healing, or something that made wells more effective, that would be fine for me imho.

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They can give us something on Weapon Swap since we should be going in and out of Shroud a lot. There's already a Rune for Wells so it would have to be unique. I could see them giving Specter a Wells Rune, and then a lot of Specters not running many Wells anyway after getting comfortable in team comps and taking their Utility bar back. 

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Would love it to be as loaded as pack runes current iteration.

Definitely would love a +100 or 125 vitality mixed with quickness, might, swiftness while in combat (this would be the 6th piece bonus)

A pack rune adjacent that is power related not condi. It definitely makes 0 sense for Specter and probably won't happen since Specter is a Condition/Healing Spec. But I can dream..

Just hoping that Virtuoso runes or Willbender runes or one of the other spec's runes offer vitality as well as a 'quickness' source or just 'might' in general and I hope they're power based. So my fingers are crossed.

But currently on Specter im completely content with pack runes. I would just like more Vitality is all. Since my build offers me 100% crit chance.

(WvW solo roaming PoV)

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