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How to Rev SB PvP?


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Hello all,

I started a rev recently and have been enjoying the sb condi PvE and WvW, however, I cant seem to figure it out in SPvP and Arena.

I don't seem tanky enough to survive anything even when full toughness and vit, and I don't seem to do enough damage to kill anyone, even with impossible odds and heal up with full rotation with condi and berserker.

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something? Its considered meta on meta battle conquest...In just cant seem to figure it out.

Thanks for the help!

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Don't play Mallyx in PvP, it's been in awful position since Anet neglected the fact that Poison now freely denies any healing potential with no counter.


It could be played without Resistance spamming but there's no way to optimally play because anything you do properly gets you killed faster.


Condition Revenant is generally dead for now until they address neglected issues, Kalla is also very bad since they nerfed the healing before the elite, there's absolutely nothing you can do to sustain yourself reliably.

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The shortbow rev pvp build thats meta is a power build that uses shiro and jalis.

Its not really a "high damage" build like power herald, it CAN burst pretty well with the shiro heal impossible odds and sb 3 combo but in general the build is more of a high sustain build with steady pressure.

Rev, especially that build , has good sustain in fights but it requires active defenses rather than just being passively tanky. You need to learn how to time your cooldowns and rotate through them, using your shortbow with shiro heal to leach life early/mid fight and use jalis heal and hammers/stone form combined with staff when you're pressured more.

A lot of people consider rev to be harder to play effectively in pvp than a lot of other classes but imo its not really that difficult, it just requires you to get a feel for the class mechanics and develop muscle memory so that you can instinctively legend/weapon swap without having to pay too much attention to your energy because you will eventually just kinda get a feel for how the cooldowns and energy costs flow.



Shortbow rev in pvp doesn't do big damage, it does decent damage at a steady rate while having a lot of sustain, dont expect to drop people as fast as other power builds, condi rev is dead in pvp, the change to resistance completely broke mallyx viability


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