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Why does Anet hate them?

Just tell me to reroll and play guard or necro or rev after making one. Seriously, even banner slave tactics gimmick shout war is a joke. And the new spec looks cool but effectively plays like clunky Lego pieces stuck together. They only have two months to fix that, so unless there's some amazing updates coming to fix QoL, or they just give it a lazy buff, there's no flow to it. Pun not intended.


I seriously, no joke at all, think almost none of Anet mains Warrior. Especially in pvp. If they did, either War would get buffed or they rerolled to another class after pulling their hair out.




You're forced to use one heal, forced to use one elite, everything in this class is pointing toward a desperate need for some sort of buff. "Well everything else just needs to get nerfed." Even after that ideal scenario we are stuck with massive balance issues. Banner's would still all be garbage, the Arms traitline would still be unusable. Rifle would still be a silly meme, as would Berzerker.


Defense is a shell of it's former self, Tactics is a only meh with shout spamming being the most uncreative way to support, Spell Breaker leaves you brittle and weak with not enough room to keep you afloat outside of duels.

Discipline is still mandatory and needs to be addressed as this glaring issue has been sitting there since launch. Strength is quite literally the only good trait line with no room to experiment even there.


This is not even acknowledging that blind spam shuts down Warrior in every possible way, and considering how prevalent blind spam is in this game it's infuriating.

Berzerker amulet- mandatory. Fighter Rune- Mandatory. The class is the worst of all worlds, as every role it can play can be done by another class.

Duelist- Holo's better in conquest, arguably ranger and ele as well. Also Mesmer when strictly duels.

Support- Guard, no contest. Mercy signet is a joke. Also necro.

Roam- Thief ofc, Rev, Mesmer.

Team fighter- Necro and Guard ofc.


So there you have it, literally everything's better than warrior as a profession in pvp. We used to be the shining example of this game's combat and have withered away from almost 10 years of nerfs. We've been bad for years and nothing's been done. Please us and buff us, it's not just a pitiful wish. Also stop thinking we want to play tactics we want you to fix the other traits first.






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I don't think anyone at anet hates warriors, think it's more to do with the dev/devs in charge of balance decisions as well as making changes happen are very poor at their jobs and shouldn't be holding said position within the company. Also the company itself is not run very competently, I mean for.....sakes they came out and said sry any balance changes that would result in any design changes can not happen due to the design team being to busy so only numerical values can be altered regarding balancing, wtf what big game dev company says that, I mean it's honest to say so but who as a lead devs thinks that's OK for the continued growth of a mmo? They leave traits they've purposefully killed with 300 sec cds for going on more than a year, introducing traits in eod with 300 sec cds either knowing they will be regarded as useless by almost everyone OR they don't know any better which is worse to be honest. The players of the game have continously shown they understand the games design and how it actually plays out better than the devs in charge of the balance decisions by calling out issue with future changes that the devs outright missed and still released and once proven that they made a mistake they rarely reverse any change.

My point is I don't think they hate warrior, warrior just didn't luck out after all the past changes and ended up where it is due to the devs being strait up bad at thier jobs, sry sounds harsh but.

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