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Can we get a real ancient chinese / east asian theme for Kaineng city ?

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Well, the last time old Kaineng City was seen was during Cobiah Marriner's last visit to Cantha on the eve of Zhaitan's awakening and the Rising of Orr that created the Great Tsunami as depicted in the Sea of Sorrows novel. Given how that tsunami killed a lot of the Olmakhan and forced them to rebuild Atholma all the way southeast at Dajkah which had been transformed into an archipelago as a result (as revealed in the Atholma lore books), and how the tsunami flooded old Lion's Arch and much of Krytan land even more north of it (leading to Krytans abandoning their old capital Lion's Arch, fleeing north and eventually building Divinity's Reach on a safe hill), it wouldn't surprise me if the tsunami and the earthquakes on the sea floor managed to reach all the way south to the northern tip of Cantha too and damaged Old Kaineng significantly while simultaneously leading to the nation's forced isolation via the Risen Dead Ship blockade etc. Curiously the flooding of northern Cantha was even teased in theΒ Priory world map (which also depicted heretofore unknown naval trade routes from the Battle Isles to the so-called Sunken Islands and Arid/Wetland of Sunrise Crest) although the map has some outdated ideas by now such as Shing Jea being a peninsula and the Desolation having a huge lake in the middle of it.

If the old city suffered as much as Lion's Arch and Atholma did (despite Cantha's distance to Orr being far greater than those other two examples), it'd make sense for Canthans to build a new city in a safer area in the aftermath. Whether Old Kaineng is fully submerged over a century after the tsunami, in ruins, or slowly being rebuilt is unknown, but I imagine we'll get some answers to this mystery as the developers have mentioned writing a timeline of how big events have affected Cantha since the Winds of Change story. πŸ™‚

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