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Warrior bugged in wvw?


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All warrior skills in wvw DO NOT prioritse party, squad players outside squad. When I play my support warrior the warhorn skills, shouts etc work randomly not even to the closest person near me but NOT prioritise  people in my squad nor even party. When I am in commander party, right behind him (nearly in his hitbox) and next player is at further distance, the warhorn 5 and shouts do effect literally take a random target to effect. The commander does not get barrier and across the squad I see a few random ppl getting my barrier and even players not in squad. Please fix this. Support warrior already feels useless (for loot) even if the skills work but I stopped playing it now totally. I cannot predict where the skills other than the elite land.

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Do you have thick party healthbars? It's supposed to be party and proximity priority. That might help in identifying which skills are problematic.

Your post suggests it is the warhorn skill Call of Valor (5) which means it is reproducible more easily than other skills as it applies barrier.

As far as loot, spellbreaker (with sword warhorn and/or hammer) is still in a better place than heal scrapper as far as loot goes since med kit doesn't hit anything whatsoever.

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