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[NA Jade Quarry] Looking for a guild PvE/WvW


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Looking for a friendly casual NA guild, preferably on JQ. I just came back to the game and before I left I unlocked my Warclaw. I want to get into WvW so I'm looking for a nice guild on my server. Every time I come back, I end up making and leveling a new class so I'm currently doing that. I made a rev and currently taking it slow, she's about level 30 atm from crafting. I don't want to have to transfer because they're all so full. Found a nice guild yesterday that does WvW and is casual but unfortunately they're on Darkhaven... I'm also interested in everything PvE and have Discord. I'm still kinda noobish, I unlocked most of my mounts and have one 80. The rest of my characters are a little below that in level. Mostly just looking to have fun with a group of cool people. I feel like I'm really missing out on the WvW scene. When unlocking my Warclaw I was just following the Commander's group and taking camps and things. Would be nice to get to know a guild and play with them!

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