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Time for Asia region language?


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I know they have chinese server there, but is it a good time to do more marketing to Asia region too? 


Guild wars 1 also release the asian language (KR, JP, chinese) with factions at same time.


so I hope Anet will add more asian language for gw2 too. not all people love chinese server.


it's weird if there are no asia players with asia theme new map XD


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A chinese version already exists.

As for other language versions... Let's put it that way: If NCSoft (a korean publisher) didn't think releasing a koran version was definitely not worth the cost, that version would have been here long ago. And, for many reasons, it'd be extremely unlikely for them to release a japanese version before the korean one.

Everything else would almost certainly be rated even lower than those two.

So, which exactly asian countries were we talking again?


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