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Solo Queue only for the next few seasons

Crab Fear.1624

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The real e-athletes are those that play with themselves.

So I suggest:

Make ranked only solo queue for the next few seasons, and if it is successful, make it permanent.

Also, make sure this applies to every rating, and not just 1600 and above.

No one should have anyone as a crutch or carry.

Everyone will just join and what they get is what is fair.

Also, during these season...remove the ability to class swap once in the match.

According to the pvp experts, the MM works hard to create a fair match, but it is removed when people swap, and playing with friends ruins the intergrity of matches.

The population shrank for all these years because you still allowed people to play with a friend.

They can go to unranked, tournaments, and wvw if they want to play with friends.



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