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Sparfly Fen not registering all earned hero points

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Hey all,


So according to map completion I've completed 5 of 6 'Hero Challenges'. I assume these relate to the 'Hero Point Earned' markers on the map. Looking over the map, I have earned all 6 hero points. I hover over them and they all say 'Hero Point Earned' as opposed to 'Earn Hero Point'. 


Do 'Hero Challenges' refer to something else?


It's the only thing stopping me completing the area and is driving me a little crazy - just wanting to ask the question here in case I need to log a ticket for it.





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Did you count them as you were hovering the mouse over them?

My guess is you've only uncovered 5/6, so all the ones you've uncovered have been completed, but there's one in an area of the map you haven't yet discovered. That's especially likely in Sparkfly Fen because there's two hero challenges in areas on the edge of the map which have no other map completion points in them, and at least one of those is easy to miss.

If you want to know where they are have a look at the wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sparkfly_Fen#Locations
(I didn't link directly to those areas in case you want to discover them for yourself, but if you want to know the list of locations and the interactive map will show you.)

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First, double check each of these https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_hero_challenges_in_Sparkfly_Fen by physically going to them.

Second, and this takes some patience, wave your cursor over the HP icon in the map legend while viewing the map.  Any incomplete ones will flash.  The patience comes in because it is a big map so you will have to move it around from quadrant to quadrant to test for the flash.

Third, just in case it matters -- it shouldn't -- make sure you've gone into the cave on the east side of the map.  It is an area that has no map-legend-locations in it, but you need to unfog it for the unrelated world exploration achieve.

If none of that works, you may have a bug.  At which point you probably need to run a client repair, and then contact Support with a list of all the steps you took.

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