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Should full festival vendors be available year-round?

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I don't tend to get frustrated by the game much, you certainly don't see me complaining a lot on here. But somehow the only two frustrations I had over the last year (ever since they fixed the lag) hinged on the same thing: I wanted to buy a festival-related thing and the vendor for it was only available during that festival. First I wanted to make the endless whatshisname raven tonic but it was in spring, months away from the next Halloween, and I couldn't buy... uh, the recipe, I think? Some vendor-only item, anyway. And then recently I figured that I wanted to buy a specific imbued holographic weapon. I have the regular version unlocked so all I needed was access to the bloody vendor but that'll have to wait till summer. I can't even be sure that I'll make it! There's deliberate time-gating for big rewards and then there's waiting for six months to buy an item that I have the currency for.


On the other hand, I understand that it would be a bit weird to have a bunch of vendor NPCs retained year-round for that purpose. So I dunno, what do you folks think? Could the basic festival vendors that we have year-round already use a couple more store inventory tabs?

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I wish Sparking Stone's unique weapons were available all year 'round...missed my chance to get the Spring Warmth staff during Dragon Bash. 😞

Honestly, I don't see why adding unique inventory tabs to each basic festival vendor would be a bad thing. So, thumbs-up from me!

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17 minutes ago, Embered.5089 said:

I thought that the endless raven tonic was a mystic forge recipe, and the SAB vendors are always available in rata sum.

The tonic requires Endless Halloween Enchantment which can only be bought from the vendor during Halloween.


Imbued Holographic weapons are only sold by the vendor during Dragon Bash (nothing to do with SAB).

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