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[NA Server] Teaching T1 Fractals and Strikes


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Hello Tyria,

It is 2am and my body refuses to go back to sleep. Thus, I have decided to make a completely useless thread which I might delete later. Anything to make the next few hours until dawn more bearable.

This is Kiiber (K-eye-eye-B-E-R), reporting in to tell you that she is currently leading parties and squads through tier 1 fractals and all strikes. For those of you who don't know her, Kiiber is a mentor. Her follower's list is filled with mentees, random people who she offers to help. They can whisper her at any time with any question and she will do her best to answer. You can ask questions, too. If you are free to play (f2p), you can sometimes invite Kiiber to a party to use party chat, since f2p whispering is limited.

Kiiber is fickle. She only teaches group runs when she feels like it. She has to have time and be in the mood. She's often in the mood, so it's just the time thing. Currently, she hurt her neck from attempting to tame a wild roller beetle, so she has more time to teach. That, or more time to stay in bed and whimper through the pain. We'll see.

Whenever Kiiber teaches fractals or strikes, she puts up a Looking For Group (LFG) in the appropriate channel. Fractals of the Mists -> Initiate Scales 1-25 for t1 fractals, Strike Missions -> Strike Mission (Looking for More) for strikes. The group title will say that it's teaching something, like "Teaching fractals 1-19 - all welcome" or "Journey through Fractals - Teaching fractals - all welcome" or "Teaching Boneskinner - all welcome". Note that these are teaching groups. They will be slower than normal groups because Kiiber will be explaining all mechanics and answering questions. Kiiber expects to do successful runs, but occasionally it's not possible (particularly with harder strikes), so you should always join with the mindset that you want to learn something, not with the mindset for loot grabs or quick kills.

This is merely a PSA, since it is pointless to ask Kiiber when she's doing these runs. It's whenever you see the LFG group. Fractals are 5-man groups, so only 4 lucky people will learn at a time. Strikes are 10-man, so up to 9 lucky people get to die at a time. Sorry, make that 10. If you all die, I'll die with you!

Please note that fractals and strikes are level 80 content. I don't care if you boosted to level 80. I don't care if you don't know how to play your class or role. I don't care if you don't know what roles are. Everyone is welcome so long as you aren't sabotaging my lessons. I will occasionally get veterans who laugh at the group, or threaten to leave because I'm not letting them "carry" the group. It's a teaching group. If you're carrying, that means that you're not letting others learn or experience anything.

I have yet to kick anyone besides people who log off without leaving the group, and I'm going to try to keep it that way. Of course, I do have a threshold for trolls, entitled people, and the like.

Anyway, Kiiber hopes that she gets to teach you soon! Kiiber hopes that she's lucky enough to have *you* in her group, and she will purr at your presence like the cute charr that she is. Says she, while wearing assassin-y clothing of dangerous colors. Complete with a car-ear hood so you can't see her horns charging at you.

Okay, I think I feel tired enough to try falling asleep again. Peace out, Tyria.

Except you, Logan Thackeray. I wish you a permanent peace out.

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