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Anet please add an 'accept/decline merge' option to squads!

Anet please add an 'accept/decline merge' option to squads!  

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  1. 1. Should squad merging have an 'accept/decline merge' option, to stop trolls merging irrelevant groups together?

    • Yes
    • No

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It's really annoying when you are trying to get more players for raids, and then trolls merge irrelevant groups to yours, which results in the lfg being removed!

Then you have to remove the irrelevant players from your squad and start again!

Anet please add a 'accept/decline merge' option for us commanders trying to get more players into raids etc!

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You should also be able to block someone from joining your squad after you've kicked them. Had some troll join my squad, lecture me on my LFG (because I asked for roles, not KP, roles, for strikes), and incessantly join my squad for a ridiculous amount of time before I gave up and did something else. If they were a DPS who was wearing soldier, I wouldn't have even given a kitten. I just wanted some boons man. 

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Is this really an issue though? I never ever experienced such behaviour, no matter wether I'm the commander or just a squad member.

If I tag up for some OW map meta I don't really care who's joining/merging, it's a brainless zergfest anyway.

If I decide to lead a strike or raid I barely ever saw this behaviour. Every now and then there may be that one single troll joining constantly, but luckily there's the block and kick option, but never ever what OP describes. Maybe this is one of those odd differences between NA and EU?

Also, how would you decide wether to accept a merge or not? The information provided would likely just be "xy wants to merge squads with you (x players). Do you accept?". There's no way to tell wether it's a troll attempt or let's say a group of 3 friends bringing the exact roles to your raid you're looking for.

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On 12/22/2021 at 5:58 PM, Fenix.7908 said:

Removing the merge button for squads also seems like a viable solution to this problem.

I find that necessary in some cases. For instance, I do a lot of PvP tournaments, and oftentimes, the timer is about to run out for joining them and we miss 2 people in my party. So it's a nice solution to last-minute merge in order to join the tournament. Would be nice if we were asked though or could ask because some players are not willing to merge with lower-ranked players.

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