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Mastery Points Bar Issue - Your current ability is fully trained and...

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Hello all, 


I am currently in Frostgorge Sound on my second level 80 character. My mastery rank is at 14 and the exp bar is full. I'm suddenly getting a message after every single kill - Your current ability is fully trained and ready to master. I still need 4 more mastery points to complete Pact Commander. The other mastery tracks in Central Tyria are still locked. I have no way to spend the 4 points I have and I'm at a loss as to what to do. This is seriously irritating and I can't find a way to turn it off. I have read the multitude of posts about this issue, but they all appear to conclude that I have to open the mastery points system and it seems I have done that. Any help would be appreciated.


I apologize for not attaching screen shots, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do that. 





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I did try changing to the other 3 tracks, thank you Inculpatus! And, guess what. I get the same notification because I still need more MP for all of them, I don't really want to chase them down right now, especially taking the stories out of order just to get rid of an annoying notification that I can't do anything about. I just don't understand why 1) it started appearing at MP rank 14 and 2) why it can't be turned off. I also wonder if it is going to happen again after I get more MPs to spend. 


Thanks again for the reply!

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Umm, not quite.  I've unlocked Pact Commander, Legendary Crafting and Fractal Attunement for Central Tyria. I only have 4 MP and need 4 more to finish Pact Commander. I'll start Legendary Crafting after that, but I have no intention of doing fractals. I should have the choice to not do anything I don't want to do. I've unlocked Gliding and Raptor and have 1 MP, but it says I need more exp to unlock it and since I'm stuck at 14...well. If this is going to continue to pop up forever and I can't get any more exp, that will force me to move on. Apparently, bug reports are not individual and won't get a direct reply. 


Thanks again for trying to help!

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Oh, I see now what you mean. I put a point into crafting and it worked! 


So, what I learned today is that MPs can't be saved to finish a track, they have to be spent as soon as something opens up. That is unfortunate and they really should have an option to either disable the pop-up or only show it at log in so you can save them. 


Thanks so much for helping me work through this and Happy Holidays!

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