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Gemstore won’t load, is frozen

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(This is a problem that has been resolved. Posting for anyone who has this problem in the future and is looking for a solution)


There is an occasional problem with the gemstore not loading/freezing when Anet adds a free item to the gemstore. The Trading Post and currency exchange still work but the gemstore section is frozen and only shows the top banner (which is also frozen).  Doing a search for an item in the gemstore brings up the message ‘not found’. This problem goes away by itself when Anet removes the free item. 

A way to fix it when it happens is to clear the cache.
Search for C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Temp 

Look for a file that starts with “gw2cache”

delete it, then when you log into the game the gemstore should work. 

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