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Petition to have this as a guild hall decoration please


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My guild and I and other friends believe this giant quaggan

should be a guild hall decoration. I would gladly get several of these instead of a giant choir bell wheel. Please, for the love of Mellaggan, include this as a guild hall decoration. Thank you.



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That quaggan is so cute <3

I am a vivd GH decorator and honestly there are so many cute, pretty decoration stuff in all the Festivals and I always wonder why are these not available to us for the GH. Wish we could get more variants and more decos with colourful lights and animations. No more dull looking banners please.

This year, the new Four Winds decos are just meh but the Wintersday ones are cool and I like them all; The Infinirarium Deck, Music Platform and the Toymaker's Machine, especially the Infinirarium Deck, i like it so much that I put up a few in my GH.

And please make future decorations less expensive so that more GHs can have them. These days the mats are super super expensive 🙁

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